The Rubik's cube

Doing the yellow cross

When you look now on your Rubik’s cube you see that you are closer to the end then to the beginning. Well done !

The following step consists in solving the yellow side but not yet the entire upper layer. This will be done in two steps. This first part will give you the instructions how to do the yellow cross and the second part will explain to you how to place all the corner cubies with their yellow face on the upper side of your cube.

The goal of this part is a yellow cross with two completed yellow horizontal lines:

You don’t need to worry about the vertical side faces at this moment. The only goal is to do a yellow cross on the upper side. After having completed the middle layer your cube will be now in one of 4 possible states (if you have more yellow faces on your upper side then the one given on the following pictures, then just ignore them):

Identify the state of your cube and click on the corresponding button to continue: